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After G.R.E.V. was founded in July, 2003, in Beersheba, Israel, by Gregory Seriy, after disbanding its predecessor G.R.E.V. The band’s first line-up included Greg Seriy on the bass, Pavel Riazanov and Vadim Belov on guitars, Arkady Mashiah on the drums and Olga Braverman, invited as the lead singer. Very soon Vadim left the band and after a series of auditions he was replaced with Vlad Fridman of Salvation – this replacement completed the formation of After G.R.E.V.’s core line-up that has remained unchanged for years. Which cannot be said about the band’s lead singers, who would come and go like ocean tides. Olga left in 2005 and her position was taken by Alisa Shparaga, who stayed with the band for over 2 years and took part in recording their first LP – “GreVincarnation” (2006). After G.R.E.V. had performed and recorded 2 more LPs and a single with several more female lead singers, including Olga Lavrenkova, Sandra Mironidi, Orian David, Leyla Zvenigorodsky and Natalia Turniansky, until 2013, when the band decided to make a tight turn and invite a male lead singer. It was Artem Apekishev (Ground Zero, Strident, Salvation), who joined the line-up and started a new page in After G.R.E.V.’s history, his rough vocals boldly changing the band’s style and taking it closer to heavily sounding melodic rock-n-roll.

Gregory Seriy


Pavel Riazanov

Lead Guitar

Artem Apekishev

Vocals, Rythm Guitar

Vlad Fridman

Rythm Guitar

Arkady Mashiah


1. Rusty 3:08
2. Brother Jack
3. Be Like Others Or Die
4. Wicked Song
5. Basstard
6. Mercenary
7. Evil I
8. Spark
9. Abyss
10. Naked Soul
11. Hangover
12. Nightmare


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